Chino Hills Animal Hospital and Pet Resort is a full-service veterinary hospital and pet resort. Take a look below for information on some of the services we provide. We look forward to helping you!

General Wellness

We want our pets to live as happy and healthy as possible, which means they should be visiting their primary care doctor for an annual exam just as we would.

A comprehensive yearly wellness visit includes an exam from head to tail – checking bone health; ear, nose and throat; diet and activity; and blood and urine tests that can reveal oncoming issues to be prevented.

Call or visit our office to schedule your next wellness exam today.


Vaccinations are a necessary part of preventing contagious viruses among dogs and cats that can cause illness or death, such as a Parvo infection in puppies.

Puppies and kittens, just as with human babies, have fragile immune systems and should receive their first vaccination as early as six weeks of age. Treatment includes booster shots over three additional visits until they reach sixteen weeks.

At Chino Hills Animal Hospital, we offer both Kitten and Puppy packages that include all of the shots needed to keep your new family member safe and protected. To learn more, click here.

Diagnostics and Labs

We utilize in-house diagnostic services that allow us to prioritize efficiency and accuracy. Our in-house lab is equipped to provide services including Heska Chemistry Analysis, Snapshot and Snap tests, X-Rays, digital ultrasound and CBC. We work with VetImage for board certified radiology reports, received within 24 hours.

Senior Patients

Once your dog or cat reaches the age of 7, they are considered seniors. During your senior pet’s wellness exam, we’ll also begin to check for signs of aging like: arthritis, glaucoma, dental disease, GI issues, appetite changes, lethargy as well as blood and urine tests to check for any underlying issues.

Keeping up with your senior pet’s annual exams will help to prevent and provide early treatment for these common signs of aging and keep them healthier, happier and more energized well into their golden years.


Our experienced staff of doctors are fully equipped to handle a variety of surgical procedures including Laser, Cold Laser, Laparoscopic, Orthopedic and a variety of soft tissue.

For more information on surgery, please click here.

Laser Surgery

Here at the Chino Hills Animal Hospital, we utilize state-of-the-art laser surgery in our procedures. Laser surgery is the same quality that is used in humans, and provides many benefits including: less bleeding, less pain, less risk of infection and a quicker recovery time.


Just like with humans, keeping your pet’s heart in good shape is important to a long and healthy life. Chino Hills Animal Hospital is equipped with cardiology machines to perform services inlcuding blood pressure checks, EKG, ECG (through VetImage), pro-BNP.


Dental health is about more than just a sparkling smile. Dental disease can lead to decay, painful toothaches, and gum disease which can affect the heart. Signs of concern include a lack of appetite, excess drooling, inflamed gums and of course bad breath.

We are here to provide dental care, from prevention cleanings to extractions. We also work with Animal Dental Care, a service that specializes in non-anesthetic dental care for easy cleanings. For more information on non-anesthetic dental care, please click here.


Problems with our pets eyes are not always easy for us to notice. Our veterinarians are experienced in a variety of ophthalmological treatment including issues related to dryness and allergies to more serious concerns like bacterial diseases and glaucoma.


Biting, itching or rubbing is the easiest indicator that your pet is having a dermatological issue. If there is no presence of fleas, your doctor will with with you in determining the cause. Pets can experience allergies through a variety of factors, including weather, grass, food, contact (such as new bedding) or microscopic mites.

Orthopedic Surgery

Chino Hills Animal Hospital is one of the few in the area who’s in-house veterinarians are qualified and experienced in orthopedic surgery. We also have a newly-built swimming pool on our grounds which can be used for orthopedic exercise and arthritic issues, the same way humans would.

Emergency and Intensive Care

The veterinarians at Chino Hills Animal Hospital are trained and equipped to provide emergency medicine and competent care. We have a state-of-the-art monitoring and treatment facility that includes ICU Snyder cage regulators.

To find recommended after-hours emergency care, please click here.

Boarding Services

Chino Hills Pet Resort is happy to welcome overnight guests to stay with us for as little or as long as needed. All overnight resort dogs will receive complimentary daycare access throughout their stay, pending a socialization test (those who do not pass the socialization test will have their own pen and will be walked individually).

Learn more about our boarding process and facility by clicking here.