Reproduction Services Hospital Policies

As veterinary professionals the welfare of all dogs is our priority. We will only assist with breeding timing and insemination’s on bitches that we feel are healthy enough to sustain a pregnancy and whelping, and we expect our breeders to support us in our efforts. All dogs intended to use our breeding services will have to meet the following criteria. We reserve the right to refuse breeding services if we do not feel it would be in the best interest of the dog.

1. Be at least one year of age.
2. Have an examination by one of our veterinarians at our hospital in the last year.
3. Have no evidence of chronic conditions such as external parasites, mange or severe allergies.
4. Not be suffering from obvious neglect or malnutrition.
5. Have no heart issues unless they present us with a Cardiac evaluation by a Veterinary Cardiologist.
6. Be current on vaccines and dewormings.
7. Not have a vaginal prolapse unless it is under treatment by a veterinarian.
8. Not have had more that two litters in the last 18 months.
9. Not be of a temperment that they cannot be safely examined, have a blood draw, or be inseminated.
10. Bitches over 8 are required to have current normal lab work before breeding.
11. Have reasonably good oral health as determined by the veterinarian.