Anesthetic Dental Cleaning Information

Anesthetic dental cleanings are an important aspect to the general health and the wellbeing of your pet. Signs that your pet may have dental disease can include bad breath, red gums, tartar, missing teeth, reluctance to eat or drink, excessive drooling, changes in tooth coloration, and sensitivity around the mouth. Dental disease is the result of bacterial infections in your pet’s mouth that can also travel throughout the body, causing problems in other organs which can ultimately shorten the life of your pet.

At Chino Hills Animal Hospital, we take dental disease seriously and have designed Dental Cleaning Packages to include everything your pet will need for a safe and effective dental cleaning procedure. During an exam, our veterinarians will assess your pet’s oral health and determine whether your pet needs a mild, moderate, or severe dental cleaning package. Our staff will then present an estimate for the procedure with a list of everything that is included in our Dental Cleaning Package. These packages are designed to ensure your pet has the best procedure possible covering everything from pre op labwork to post op medications to go home and everything in between. For your convenience, our dental cleanings are done Monday through Saturday and estimates are good for 90 days.

On the day of your pets dental cleaning, we will have you arrive for a morning check in with one of our surgical technicians. At that time, we will go over anesthetic release forms, get approval for dental extractions and have you leave a deposit for the full amount of the procedure. If costs are of concern, we offer Care Credit, Scratch Pay and Wells Fargo interest free loans. The dental cleaning procedures are done throughout the day and patients are expected to go home early to late afternoon. After your pet’s recovers from anesthesia you will receive a phone call regarding a discharge appointment time. During a discharge appointment, the dental technicians will go over findings from the procedure, x-rays, teeth extracted, prescribed medications, what to expect with recovery and any necessary follow up. If your pet needed a Severe Dental Package, a free follow up exam will also be scheduled at that time. The mouth is one of the fastest healing areas of the body and patients are usually feeling back to normal within a few days, even when a large number of extractions are needed.

Have more questions or concerns? Please ask someone on our Dental Team or see our list of Common Dental Cleaning Questions for more information and how we can help you pet overcome the most common disease in pets, dental disease!