Rest assured that we take excellent care of our surgery patients…
*Surgeries are scheduled Monday through Saturday and performed mid-morning to early afternoon. Owners should drop off pets 7-8 AM. Pets are eligible for procedures if they have received an examination within the past 30 days & are current on vaccines*

We require all dogs to be current on Rabies, Bordetella and DA2PP & cats to be current on FVRCP, so your pet isn’t at risk of exposure to viruses, or exposing others, while here for a procedure.

Pets are examined by the surgeon in the morning, pulse-monitored through surgery, & attended by a technician with a Bedjet climate controller for post op recovery to maintain body temperature.

ALL pets receive a pain injection right after surgery in order to wake up peacefully with little to no pain.

Owners receive detailed instructions from a surgery technician at pick-up & are sent home with a discharge sheet & labeled medications.

Sutures are removed 12-14 days after surgery at no charge during regular business hours. We welcome owners to bring in a pet earlier if concerned about the appearance of the surgery site at no charge during the same hours.