Authorization to Freeze Semen

Please bring your completed authorization form to your appointment.

Frozen semen is vital to preserve the dog’s of the past, access sires from other areas of the world, transfer valuable genetic material without shipping dogs, and perhaps a few considerations you had not considered.  Frozen semen can be used for genetic testing of dogs no longer with us.  An aid in testing for desirable and undesirable genetic traits.  It also allows you to collect potential  males you might consider using in your breedings down the line, saving the semen for yourself, and allow the dog to go to it’s forever home or even be neutered.

  • Coming in for a freezing?  Please bring the following: 
  • Registration papers
  • Copy of AKC DNA if applicable
  • Contact information on anyone you want to have access to the semen 

Copy and send us this form when you want to send your semen for use with a specific bitch.  This is not to transfer ownership of the semen, just to let it be used.  For AKC registration you will still need to fill out a frozen semen litter registration.  This form requires information of the bitch and her owner, and also the credit card of the person paying for the semen preparation, tank rental, shipping and return.  The owner of the sire is responsible for the tank return so please encourage the bitch owner to send it back as soon as possible.

This form is used when you are giving up ownership right to some of your dog’s frozen breedings.  This form allows the person using the semen to use it, sell it, or do as they see fit.  If the semen remains with us the new owner will be responsible for storage fees and any fee’s incurred with using it and shipping it.

Sometimes we discover we don’t want a dog we have collected used in our breeding program and no longer wish to keep his stored frozen semen.   This form needs to be filled out completely and mailed or brought to our office.  Faxed and email forms can not be accepted for semen disposal.  All storage fees must be current before semen can be destroyed.

Fresh Chilled Semen

 This section contains the form to fill out when you are bringing your male in for us to collect for a fresh chilled sample,

the Fresh Chilled Semen Shipment Authorization Form, and Instructions for using our Fresh chilled semen boxes,

 Fresh Chilled Semen Shipping Kit Instructions, for those of you who collect and ship your own dogs.

If you collect, extend and ship your own semen you can purchase a box from us.  Please purchase the box in advance as the freezer pack has to be frozen for at least 24 hours before the box can be used.  If you have not done a collection before or do not have knowledge on how to just collect the semen rich portion of the collection we do not recommend doing it yourself.  We can collect, prepare and ship the semen for you.